Dealing With Coyotes

The Los Angeles Department of Animal Regulation offers these suggestions for dealing with coyotes:

- Do not feed coyotes or leave pet food outside.

- Do not try to pick up or pet a coyote.

- Keep garbage cans covered tightly.

- Do not let dogs loose without a leash.

- Build fences or walls to protect your pets and have good lighting in your back yard.

- Be careful in any area where coyotes have been sighted.

If you live in the foothills or canyons:

- Watch very small children when they are playing outside.

- Keep an eye on small dogs or cats when they are outside. Keep them in doors at night.

If you have sighted a coyote or suspect that one is nearby, call the department and report it. In West Los Angeles or downtown, call Officer Larry Morales at the Ann Street Shelter, (213) 222-7138. In the East or West San Fernando Valley, call Officer Dennis Kroeplin at the West Valley Shelter, (818) 882-8800.

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