Kudos for Jack Smith

I am 65 years old. My family moved from Texas to California when I was 15. My father subscribed to The Times. When I left home, as a young man, I lived in several areas of Southern California, but one of my first moves always was to subscribe to The Times. It was like an old friend following me wherever I went. I still subscribe.

The first reason I do so may be sentimental and traditional, but the second reason (today) would have to be Jack Smith's column. When he is ill or on vacation, I feel very deprived. Recently, you have been running repeats of Art Buchwald's column with the notation that "While Art Buchwald is on vacation, we reprint some columns from the past." Why can't you do the same with Jack Smith's columns?

I enjoy Art Buchwald's column, but I don't have any personal feeling about it. He writes for a national audience, but Jack Smith writes for readers in Southern California. He lives here, he works here, and he loves it. So do I! If Art Buchwald's column doesn't appear every day, I don't miss it. When Jack Smith's column doesn't appear, I feel cheated. So . . . when Jack Smith is ill or on vacation, won't you please reprint some of the wonderful columns that have given Southern Californians so much pleasure?


Thousand Oaks

The suggestion is being contemplated by View editors.

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