Briton, 70, Expected to Become Father of Test-Tube Quads

Associated Press

A 70-year-old man and his 38-year-old wife are to be the parents of test-tube quadruplets next month, Hammersmith Hospital announced Friday.

The hospital, a leading British center of infertility treatment, issued a statement saying that Doris del Renzio has been admitted as a precautionary measure. It added that she and the unborn children "are very well."

It said she has been treated at the infertility clinic since 1983, is 29 weeks pregnant, and is expected to give birth in September. No further information about the couple was provided.

The Times of London quoted her husband, Toni del Renzio, as saying, "I must admit I would have been happier if we had been able to have just one baby."

Assuming the birth is successful, it is believed that he will be the oldest test-tube parent in the seven years since the first baby was born in England using the technique.

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