"SOME OF MY BEST JOKES ARE FRIENDS." George Clinton. Capitol. Funk's father and most festive jester bounces back from a forgettable second solo album to groove again in this solidly entertaining third. Clinton wrote only one song on that last LP, but he has his hand in nearly everything this time, and the difference shows. Side 1 is a three-song, dance-straight-through delight. Clinton weaves voices and instruments in his uniquely inventive way. Side 2's four songs are more varied in style and quality. The two collaborations with Thomas Dolby are enjoyable but unextraordinary, while the most intriguing cut on the side is a serpentinely sensual song called, of all things, "Bangladesh," composed by keyboardist/backup singer Tracy Lewis. Overall, "Best Jokes" can be placed on that wide shelf of memorable Clinton achievements . . . if there's room.

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