I understand it now. I know why KIQQ folded ("KIQQ-FM Kicks Rock for Changeover to 'Lite 100,' " by Dennis McDougal, Aug. 1). I know why I no longer have a median station to use to navigate my dial--to the left for 91X or to the right for KNAC.

It's all because of Madonna.

KIIS-FM plays at least two Madonna songs every hour, and it's still in existence. KIQQ only played one Madonna song every 1 1/2 hours, and it's now extinct. Madonna is responsible for destroying a perfectly middle-of-the-road, trendy, pop station--KIQQ.

And now according to recent Calendar letters, she is on some kind of sex rampage which is about to singlehandedly destroy the morals of the children by corrupting Disney Studios.

Furthermore, her wedding has undoubtedly bumped many worthy news items out of the papers. This Madonna madness is destroying everything. Who does she think she is?--RAMBO!?


student, U.C. Berkeley

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