Costa Mesa : City to Begin Issuing Quarterly Newsletter

City employees will be dusting off their journalistic skills soon as they prepare to launch a newsletter intended to keep residents abreast of City Hall happenings.

Approved by the City Council last week, the newsletter will be published quarterly and will preview "significant issues" on council agendas, said Alan Roeder, assistant city manager. He added: "We have not yet defined what would constitute a significant issue."

Roeder said that because the newsletter will be produced without the help of professional writers, it will be several weeks before the first issue is mailed to Costa Mesa households.

The newsletter, he said, will include articles on upcoming public hearings, development projects, general plan changes and the like, as well as submissions by members of the public, city employees and council members.

However, editorial content will be controlled by the city manager's office, and the newsletter "will not promote individual City Council members or any philosophy," Roeder said.

Because no outside help will be sought in composing the newsletter, Roeder estimated that it will cost about $5,700 per quarter to print and distribute 38,000 to 40,000 issues to Costa Mesa residents.

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