No Griffith Park Museum

I confess to being dumbfounded by the attitude of the City Park Department in its opposition to putting a museum in Griffith Park. Thank goodness the park departments of San Francisco and San Diego didn't feel that way!

I will always remember my first trip to San Francisco. I had little time and little money to see the sights, and was delighted to learn that with one trip to Golden Gate Park I could take in a variety of cultural and recreational activities. In one location, an easy bus trip from downtown, there was an Asian Art Museum, the Academy of Sciences complete with Planetarium, the Japanese Tea Garden and the DeYoung Memorial Museum. In one memorable afternoon I took it all in!

In beautiful Balboa Park in San Diego I found numerous museums--an art museum, a natural history museum, a sports museum and the delightful San Diego Zoo. Families were everywhere, taking advantage of it all.

Both Balboa Park and Golden Gate Park are a little more than 1,000 acres each. Griffith Park has close to 4,000 acres! Surely there is room to build additional recreational and cultural facilities in that single location for the citizens of Los Angeles. Why should Los Angeles residents have to drive great distances each time they want to expose themselves to a little culture? Museums belong in lovely park-like settings, not in busy urban areas, business districts or residential neighborhoods.


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