Footloose & Fancy : Tapestry Weaves an 'Anything Goes' Frivolity Into Fall Footwear

Times Staff Writer

They're no substitute for basic black pumps or practical walking shoes. They're more like Saturday night than Sunday morning, more like meringue than three-minute eggs.

But just look at them. Fru-frus, play shoes, fantasy footwear, all brocaded and embroidered and embossed and inlaid with gold. And they're one sure sign that this year's fall fashions will be fun.

Don't let the flora and fauna confuse you. These aren't shoes you have to wear with solid-color clothes. We've seen black-and-silver brocade pumps mixed with black-and-white polka-dot scarfs tied in hair bows--with a ruffled, black dress in between.

Indian rajah types might wear brocade boots over damask jodhpurs with velvet jackets, turbans and all the jewelry they own.

Tapestry oxfords sometimes deserve tapestry socks, perhaps with a pair of khaki pants.

Think of these fancy feet as the ground-level version of plaid mixed with striped sportswear.

And keep in mind Paris designer Thierry Mugler's latest fashion adage: "Too much is just enough."

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