Charm of Greystone

My son Daniel is attending “Catskills West,” a wonderful camp at Greystone Park run by the city of Beverly Hills.

The children attend camp Monday through Friday, 9-5 p.m. The camp gears its program toward the arts ( drama, crafts, music, etc.). In addition to its daily program, certain days are set aside for field trips to such places as Knott’s Berry Farm, Cabrillo Beach, Marineland, etc.

As a culmination event, the children create and perform a play or a show for the parents. It is held on the last day of camp.

The beautiful campgrounds provide the children with interesting and exciting places to explore. In addition, they learn about Greystone’s history, including some spooky ghost stories and a very old bee hive.


Daniel’s session ends Friday. He will think about the beautiful Greystone grounds and his camping experiences.


Los Angeles