Fullerton : Approval Is Expected on Police Profile Tests

To conform with a new state law, Fullerton City Council members are scheduled today to give approval for psychological testing of new police officers.

As of July 1, state law mandates that new police officers receive psychological evaluations prior to hiring, police Capt. Don Bankhead said. Currently, Fullerton police rely on polygraph tests, which Bankhead said the department will continue, in addition to the evaluations.

Also scheduled for today’s meeting is an appeal for a proposed senior citizens home that was turned down by the city’s Planning Commission earlier this month.

Developers want to build a 129-room facility at 1925 Sunnycrest Drive. The commission denied the request, saying the project was incompatible with the surrounding commercial developments.

Developer Samuel Hirt has argued that he now has support from surrounding residents and several businesses for the two-story facility. Hirt scaled back the project from an original 163 rooms to 129 and tripled the amount of open space between the home and a trail that divides the site from the houses.