Norco Fire Department Gets New, $20,000 Rescue Truck

The Fire Department put a new emergency vehicle into service this week, a $20,000 rescue truck that “gives us a lot more flexibility,” acting Chief Patrick Murphy said Tuesday.

The new one-ton Ford truck--equipped with the “jaws of life,” an electrical generator and radiation-detecting equipment--"complements the extra people--the six new cadets--we hired July 1,” Murphy said.

With the rescue truck, Norco firefighters are now better able to respond to more than one emergency at a time, he said, and will not be forced to use the larger, less efficient fire truck when responding to medical emergencies.

Such “medical aids” make up about 60% of the calls to which Norco firefighters respond.

The new truck and cadets will also help the department catch up on fire prevention and hydrant maintenance responsibilities, Murphy said.