Kasparov Wins First Chess Game

Associated Press

World chess champion Anatoly Karpov resigned the adjourned first game of the world championship match today without resuming play, giving challenger Gary Kasparov the victory.

It was the first time Kasparov has had the lead in the prolonged title series. Their first match was halted in February by the head of the World Chess Federation, who said both players had become exhausted. The 22-year-old Kasparov, playing white, had a one-pawn advantage when the game was adjourned Tuesday night.

The last round of games ended with Karpov leading 5-3 after Kasparov narrowed the champion’s original 5-0 lead. Six victories were needed to win that series.


The current round is limited to 24 games. The first player to win six games or accumulate 12 1/2 points is the victor. A win counts one point, a draw a half-point. If the players are tied at the end of 24 games, Karpov will retain his title.

Moves in first game, Part 1, Page 13.