Protectionist Sentiment

In two days (Aug. 29 and 30) The Times printed an editorial and two articles that are very disturbing to me. One of the articles was Mazur’s description of the erosion of the American garment industry and the devastation faced by its workers. The other article and the editorial were about President Reagan’s rejection of quotas on imported shoes.

Mazur states that half of the garments sold in this country are made overseas, resulting in a loss of jobs for Americans. Your editorial says that 76% of the shoes sold in this country are also imported. This also results in a loss of jobs for Americans.

Question: If American garment, shoe, automobile, steel and microchip workers, to name just a few, are out of work, who will buy the imports? Isn’t it worth spending a little more money to ensure this country’s economic recovery?

After all, with more Americans working there will be more spendable income, more taxes paid (and distributed more equitably), and a healthier American economy. Buy American. Support this country that we all love so well. The job you save may, in the long run, be your own!




Los Angeles