Vikings’ Chuck Muncie Retires to Get ‘Life in Order’


Running back Chuck Muncie, who was trying to come back from a one-year National Football League suspension for drug abuse, Wednesday announced his retirement from football.

“It definitely is very difficult for me to leave after what I went through to get back in the game,” the 32-year-old Muncie said. “But I definitely felt I had to have more time to concentrate on my life off the field before I could deal with playing football.

“To get my life in order is my first priority, and it simply was too difficult for me to work with the (counseling) program and play football at the same time.”


The Minnesota Vikings acquired the nine-year veteran from the San Diego Chargers on July 19. He had been suspended for the 1984 season by NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle after traces of cocaine were found in his urine.

Muncie was reinstated by Rozelle just before the trade to Minnesota. As a condition of the trade, he was told to attend drug counseling sessions.

Muncie retired before ever playing a game for the Vikings. He started and played well in the final exhibition game, but after he missed two of the mandatory counseling sessions, Rozelle barred him from last Sunday’s season opener.