Jeanne Mulcahy; TV Producer

Jeanne Mulcahy, an Emmy-award winning producer in Los Angeles, has died in a Sonoma hospital after a lengthy battle with cancer.

She was 41 and had moved with her husband, Stephen Brown, from Los Angeles to Sonoma last July when her cancer became critical.

In 1980 she won an Emmy for “La Gioconda,” performed by the San Francisco Opera and produced by KCET. She had been nominated a year earlier for “Live From Los Angeles: Giulini’s Beethoven 9th with the Los Angeles Philharmonic.”

She had been a vice president and national and international programming director for Los Angeles’ public television station since 1978 after working in radio in Chicago and television in New York and Washington.

Most recently she had formed her own consulting firm.

In addition to her husband, she is survived by her mother, two sisters and two brothers. She died Sept. 5.