Michigan Avenue Mile Race Set

Associated Press

New York has the Fifth Avenue Mile and now Chicago will be the site of a mile foot race down its swankiest street.

It’s the first Michigan Avenue Mile between the Chicago River bridge south to the Art Institute, and some of the best middle-distance runners in the world will be competing on Sept. 22.

“The key to winning will be trying to avoid concentrating on the finish line,” former Indiana University runner Jim Spivey said.

“Because we will be running on a straight course, being able to see the finish line could pose a problem since you have to know when to start putting out with your kick,” Spivey, 25, said.

Spivey, John Walker, Steve Scott, and Ray Flynn head the men’s field for the race.


Heading the women’s competition will be Maricica Puica, Kim Gallagher, Cindy Bremser and Cathy Branta.

Spivey told a news conference that “this competition should be the greatest ever assembled for a non-Olympic event in this country.”

Flynn, Spivey and Walker all finished with 3:55 times in the Minneapolis Mile on Aug. 9, with Walker winning.

Puica, a Romanian, took the 3,000 meter event at the 1984 Olympics and captured the Fifth Avenue Mile in New York.