Reagan’s Role as Informant

Three letters (Sept. 5) bitterly castigated President Reagan for acting as an informer for the FBI when he was a Hollywood actor. He was called a stool pigeon and a rat for the act of putting the interests of his country ahead of those of his associates who might be engaged in treasonable activities.

It is now apparent that the Communist menace of the ‘50s was chimerical, yet at the time neither Reagan nor most of the rest of us had much reason to doubt the almost unanimous insistence from the FBI and Congress that the problem was real, immediate and serious.

To condemn Reagan is to support a strange (to me) value system. For myself, I want a man in the White House who is more loyal to his country than to his friends. I suspect Reagan of being deficient in this matter, but I will never condemn him should he reform and place the interests of our country ahead of his friends, as he seems to have done in working with the FBI.