Irvine : Wheelchair-Bound Fire Victim Aided by Auction

An auction to raise funds for Richard Pfost, a quadriplegic who lost his Irvine apartment and possessions in an arson fire Sept. 9, brought in about $3,500 Tuesday at Irvine Valley College, where he attends computer classes.

In addition, according to college spokeswoman Susan Clark, contributions totaling almost $9,000 have been received from students and people who read newspaper accounts of his plight. A medical firm has also offered to furnish items worth about $500 to replace those Pfost lost in the fire, she said.

Items auctioned at noon in the college’s courtyard included a bicycle, unicycle lessons and typewriters. Pfost, who is staying at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Long Beach while aides and friends try to find housing for him, did not attend because of a bout with the flu.

Clark said students and faculty at the college have banded together to try to find wheelchair-accessible housing for Pfost, adding that his apartment may be repaired within two months.