Not Everyone Is Criticizing USC

Once again, it is obvious that USC can do no right in the eyes of its critics. In Scott Ostler’s article (Sept. 18) he states that " . . . the school had a moral obligation to stand behind the assistant coach, keep him on, and tell the NCAA and Pac-10, in effect, ‘kiss our T-shirt.’ ”

The fact is that the violations probably were not serious enough to result in the firing of assistant coach Russ Purnell, but rules were broken and the university took steps to remedy the discrepancies. Yet, instead of applauding USC’s attempt at re-establishing integrity in its athletic department, Mr. Ostler chose to belittle the act and instead attack the university from a “moral” standpoint.

USC’s athletic department is no more unethical than the athletic departments of universities across the country. Its only true fault lies in the fact that the university’s critics are intent on downgrading what is truly an outstanding athletic program.




Los Angeles