Redondo Beach

The City Council on Tuesday approved 6% pay raises for 73 management and supervisory city employees. Several department heads and some other employees received additional increases, ranging from 1.5% for the recreation director to 5% for librarians and the superintendent of parks.

The unanimously approved wage packet also includes a $1,000-a-year supplemental benefit program for full-time employees. The $1,000 can be converted into cash by adding it to the employees base salary, treated as an employer contribution to the city's retirement plan, or used to reimburse the city for professional conferences and seminars, college tuition, club dues or personal computer hardware and software purchases.

Previously, employees were given $750 a year that could be spent on classes.

Also under the new packet, single employees may apply an additional $3,000 to the supplemental benefit program in lieu of family health insurance coverage that other employees receive.

Other employees to receive salary increases above the 6% include: superintendent of parks, 5%; city engineer, 3.5%; associate civil engineer, 3%; senior accountant, 2.5%; assistant city manager, 2%; community planning director, 2%; director of intergovernmental programs, 2%; fire chief, 2%; street maintenance superintendent, 2%; community resources director, 1.5%.

City Manager Timothy Casey said the supplemental increases bring the salaries in line with similar cities in Southern California.

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