Redondo Beach : Condo Law Addition Ordered


As a first step toward considering a change in the city’s condominium conversion ordinance, the City Council on Tuesday directed the city attorney to draft a hardship clause to the ordinance.

The council acted on the request of John Horvath, who wants to convert two apartments on Bataan Road. Horvath, who is prohibited from converting his units under the existing ordinance, told the council that he is faced with foreclosure because he is unable to make monthly mortgage payments on the property.

Requests for condominium conversions in Redondo Beach are permitted only when rental vacancies in the city exceed 4%. The current vacancy rate is below 4%.


Horvath said he has been unable find a buyer interested in purchasing both properties. As condominiums, the units could be sold separately.

The council also directed the Planning Department to determine how many other apartments in the city would be eligible for conversion if regulations were changed to accommodate Horvath. Council members also asked for information about how new conversions might affect the availability of rental units in the city.