Culver City : Antenna Rules Approved

The City Council on Monday approved new regulations for dish antennas in residential and commercial areas.

The new laws set several standards: Dish antennas must be installed on the ground unless the city determines that they would function better on the roof or would be less visible there. A dish may be a maximum of 12 feet in diameter unless otherwise approved by a conditional-use permit. In residential areas, antennas more than 24 inches in diameter must be located behind landscaping or far from public streets or adjacent property. Those installed on the roofs of commercial buildings may be screened from view by the use of a parapet.

The regulations are designed to prevent the antennas, which are used primarily by bars and restaurants for better big-screen television reception, from becoming eyesores.

The moratorium on installation of dish antennas will apply until the new laws go into effect early next year.

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