Make-Ahead Entertaining, by Mable and Gar Hoffman (HP Books: $8.95, paperback, 160 pp., illustrated.)

Prolific cookbook writers, the Hoffmans have once again produced a book that is filled with good food made from simple, easy-to-follow recipes that are written in a clear, concise fashion. Their latest large paperback features menus for occasions from holiday celebrations to school reunions and bon voyage parties. Full color photographs show critical "how to" steps in recipe preparation where needed, and all illustrations reflect Mable Hoffman's expertise as a food stylist.

As with their other books, many of them award winners, this is a down-to-earth presentation. It's a book meant for the kitchen, not the cocktail table. Each menu spells out clearly what can be done ahead, and as an extra bonus, the Hoffmans have suggested possible shortcuts to make preparation of their menus even easier. Both new and experienced cooks will find this a handy book to have around.

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