A Dec. 22 letter putting down Pia Zadora's concert took up more than six column inches (not counting her picture, which was fine; print as many pictures of her as you can). It was unfair.

Why? Because what does the price of admission have to do with her singing? On New Year's Eve all shows raise their prices.

What does a bad movie have to do with her singing? What does her money have to do with her singing? Lots of singing stars have money.

I saw Zadora's concert last month at the Beverly and feel that she compares favorably with Streisand and Ronstadt. (They have sung standards with large orchestras too. Is that a reason to make fun of their singing skills?)

What is my connection with her? Only that, as a stand-up comic, I have done some Pia Zadora jokes in my act. But Pia Zadora sings very well. I can't make fun of that.


Los Angeles

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