On Dec. 20, Calendar donated 18 column inches of space to "Some Blacks Critical of Spielberg's 'Purple' " (Film Clips, by Jack Mathews), which raked poor old Steven over the coals something fierce like.

What amazed me was that the entire article was devoted to pushing the views of one individual who didn't like the movie, but who claims to have a "20-member group" of whom "only two other members . . . had seen it."

Now, in the interests of fair play and balanced journalism, I respectfully request that you report my views. I head an ad-hoc coalition of 20 friends who monitor newspapers for "Blatant Exploitation of Anything They Can Get Their Hands on to Create News."

Admittedly, only two of our members have seen your article, or Steven's film, so I feel we are qualified to state without fear of contradiction that the movie presented a very positive image of human beings, and your article stunk.



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