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In response to the letter (Nov. 27) from Barbara Fine of the Federation of Hillside and Canyon Assns., Inc., in which she states that the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power is not notifying its customers of state action levels of pollutants and further, information has not been given as to timetables for cleanup of groundwater problems, I would like to present the following.

Los Angeles water supply meets all federal and state water standards and is safe to drink. There is no question that there are certain pollutants in our water and that we are deeply concerned about the presence. Next year we will place in operation a new $40-million filtration plan to improve the water quality of the Los Angeles Aqueduct Supply, a source that supplies 80% of the water used in our city.

We have begun the cleanup of the San Fernando groundwater basin and have passed ordinances regarding private disposal systems forcing them to connect to city sewer systems. We have strengthened our industrial enforcement practices, and are using our limited public funds to best lower those risks that present the greatest threat.

I firmly believe this new year will see progress in our fight to make Los Angeles water the safest in the nation.


Los Angeles

Ferraro is chairman of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee of the Los Angeles City Council.

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