Buyer Beware Articles

I've never, until today, made a suggestion for an article to a newspaper, but have an idea worth mentioning.

My husband and I have just sold our first home and bought our second home. We sold through a realtor and bought directly from an owner.

I suppose real estate transactions seldom go completely smoothly, but we really had a horrendous experience, both when we bought our first house and when we sold that and bought the second. We are relatively well-educated, well-read, responsible people, and I, particularly, tend to ask a lot of questions and pay a lot of attention to detail--luckily for us, because no one else did. We have been astounded at the number of ignorant, careless and downright dishonest realtors, mortgage brokers, escrow officers, etc. who are in a position to do great harm to consumers.

It's a shame, because I know there are intelligent, careful and honest people who are made to look bad by their fellows.

I think you would be doing a great service to your readers if you published a series of articles concerning the various things to look out for when buying or selling a home, when choosing a realtor, a bank, an escrow company, etc. I know there are periodic articles like this, but a really comprehensive series would be invaluable.


San Gabriel

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