Generation Gap and Social Security

It seems to me that there are at least two good reasons that cause Sorensen to "pay more in Social Security taxes than for federal taxes."

He pays more in Social Security taxes because it is expected that he will need more in Social Security payments to meet his needs when he retires. I paid my Social Security taxes (which increased over the years) and I'm pleased that I have the income from Social Security now.

He pays less in federal taxes because "Reaganomics" advocates less tax revenue than is required to meet the debts of the nation.

I didn't vote for Proposition 13, but the home protection feature is as reasonable as "homesteading," which didn't get so much adverse publicity.

I didn't vote for Ronald Reagan, and don't agree with the "trickle-down" theorists. It is a younger generation that has said, via some of its writers, that greed is a virtue that helps build a dynamic economy. I disagree, and am disturbed to observe less understanding and more greed in the younger generations. I am a "senior citizen."


San Clemente

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