West Los Angeles : Yaroslavsky Seeks State Study

Los Angeles City Councilman Zev Yaroslavsky has asked the California Department of Transportation to study a proposal from the city to redesign a portion of Santa Monica Boulevard.

From Wilshire Boulevard to Sepulveda Boulevard, the busy thoroughfare is divided into two segments. Each of these segments, known as "Big" and "Little" Santa Monica Boulevard, carries both eastbound and westbound traffic.

Under the city plan, Big Santa Monica would become a one-way westbound street and Little Santa Monica would become one-way eastbound.

The plan would provide four lanes of traffic in each direction and create a landscaped median between the two. The median might later be used for an elevated light-rail rapid transit line, Yaroslavsky said.

City planners have for years discussed projects to improve traffic flow and to beautify Santa Monica Boulevard.

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