Today's Impoverished Yuppies

It's not hard to see why people aren't happy with the money that they have. They don't like the things that they spend their money on! A friend of mine at the office is upset because he has finally finished four years of car payments and all he has to show for it is a piece of junk with 50,000 miles on it that is just about worth its weight in scrap metal and used junkyard parts.

Somebody else I know has decided to spend his money on a girlfriend who is one of these girls who is "not pretty but a nice person to talk to."

And then I know this older lady who has worked hard all of her life supporting her family. Too bad that she's disillusioned because her teen-aged daughter isn't pretty and her son, who is a "C" student in school, isn't smart enough to do anything with himself.

Of course these people are all miserable and bitter. They work very hard at their jobs and their money just seems to "disappear." They seem to have forgotten the first rule of personal finance--never spend your money on something that is going to make you unhappy!



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