Disneyland Hotel, Union Agree to Another Meeting

Times Staff Writer

Disneyland Hotel and union officials agreed Monday to reopen labor talks at a meeting called by a federal mediator for later this week.

Both sides were optimistic but cautious about the outcome of the meeting recommended by the official, Leonard B. Farrell.

A three-year labor contract expired at midnight Friday, leaving about 1,200 employees, including maids, busboys, cooks and bartenders, working without a contract, union officials said.

“No one enjoys this labor situation, and the sooner we can put it to bed is fine with us,” said David Shultz, president of the Hotel Employees & Restaurant Employees International Union.


“I’m optimistic, but my definition of optimism obviously differs from the hotel’s,” Shultz said.

A hotel spokesman also expressed hope that an agreement would soon be reached that would satisfy both sides.

Meanwhile, the union announced a call for a nationwide boycott against the hotel, suggesting that labor, elected officials, business and community organizations not patronize the hotel.

Groups booked in advance will be contacted by mail and telephone and asked to cancel meetings, banquets and conventions, said William Granfield, a union spokesman.


Granfield said the boycott could affect 800 reservations by the United Auto Workers Union, which has bookings for its national convention for the first week of June. “They have been asked for their support,” Granfield said.

However, Ric Morris, a hotel spokesman, said that national boycotts usually have very little economic effect.

“These are normal strategies by any union involved in a labor dispute. They’re simply pressure points used and not very successful,” said Morris, the hotel’s labor relations director.

Morris said that despite the labor problem, the hotel was crowded and had experienced a “great weekend.”

Picketing is expected to resume at the hotel today.