Layoffs of College Teachers

Who's in charge of the Los Angeles Community College District? Don't the citizens of this town know when they're being duped? Hello! Is anyone out there? Don't our seven elected Berman-Waxman machine trustees know that they are dismantling an institution that took years to build? Don't they know they can't fire 300 tenured instructors and throw out half of the normal curriculum without rending the very fabric of the nine colleges? Can't they see that they should fire the people at the top . . . the ones who put them in this horrible mess?

Start with the chancellor, the vice chancellors and every one of their overpaid cronies and relatives who have put this once-great institution into a downward slide that can only be saved by intelligent moves!

Firing your best instructors is not smart.

The trustees must restore confidence in the district and in the process.

There is talk of a recall movement to clear the whole board. Frankly, without a dissenting opinion the seven of them will keep blundering along until there's nothing left. It's high time that something be done. The governor, the mayor, the Board of Education, the Assembly, the Senate, please --somebody do something !



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