American Illustration 4, Edward Booth-Clibborn (Polygon Editions/Abrams)....

American Illustration 4, Edward Booth-Clibborn (Polygon Editions/Abrams). Though "largely an exercise in parochial nostalgia . . . (the book) is certainly a feast for the eyes and a useful and necessary compendium for the serious student and professional" (April Greiman).

Queer, William S. Burroughs (Viking). Motivated and formed by the accidental shooting death of the author's wife, this novel tells the story of a seduction in Mexico in the 1940s. "A neglected work that has become legendary in its very absence . . . raw, probing, mercilessly unsentimental" (Malcolm Boyd).

Letters on Cezanne, Rainer Maria Rilke (Fromm). The author "found an ideal in Cezanne, who was admired for trudging back and forth to his isolated studio even under the assault of old age and children literally throwing rocks at him as he came and went. . . . The letters are also testament to a poet's capacity to turn ordinary life into an encrusted odyssey of significant event" (William Wilson).

The Young Hemingway, Michael Reynolds (Basil Blackwell). The author "has taken a number of risks with his prose and with his organization to produce a book that will appeal to readers who may not even care much for Hemingway--the style is so engaging and the social history so pungent" (Jackson J. Benson).

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