There was a drama written once in which:

A woman, after seeing her boyfriend murdered, is then raped by his killers who cut off her hands and tongue so that she could not identify them.

A young boy protecting his brother is stabbed to death by his own father.

A man allows his hand to be chopped off as ransom payment for his two captive sons, but is delivered only their decapitated heads.

Two men have their throats slit, then their entrails removed and baked into a pie that is fed to their mother at a banquet.

No, this was not "The Hitcher" or "Friday the 13th, Part 20." The drama was called "Titus Andronicus." Its author was William Shakespeare.

Just a little reminder to all the Mr. and Mrs. Uptights who so self-righteously castigated the creative personnel of "The Hitcher" that horrific imagery in art is not necessarily to be equated with stupidity, mental instability and moral corruption.


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