A Small Voice Heard

Our booking on the Vistafjord's Mediterranean sailing next September was made last year, based upon its September, 1985, itinerary. Upon receipt of the 1986 brochure we realized that Bizerte, Tunisia, was included this year. It was totally unacceptable to us, but before canceling I wrote to Ralph Bahna, president of Cunard Line, contending that the political climate should be reason enough to drop Bizerte from the itinerary.

I wrote that we, as the travel consumer, need to let the purveyors of travel know that we cannot allow our money to be misspent (Tunisia is where Arafat and his PLO members are given safe harbor) where the inhabitants are known to be planning the demise of the innocents by acts of terrorism throughout the free world.

Shortly after receiving my letter a representative of the president of Cunard called, stating that Tunisia had been dropped and that an Italian port would be substituted.

I was more than pleased that a small voice could be heard. Cunard is taking a firm stand. I hope that other cruise lines will change their itineraries in a show of solidarity. Silence is not always golden.


Marina del Rey

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