The Lottery Gets Its Own Pet Rock

True, the California lottery is all the rage. But not everybody is scratching his way to happiness and riches. If all the rubbing off of lottery tickets is proving hard on the fingernails, and if you're suffering from an extended losing streak, the Lucky Lottery Coin may be the answer.

The coin is solid brass and inscribed with the slogan "In luck we trust." It is one of three or four ticket scratchers to show up in stores since the lottery began in October. This one, which retails for 99 cents, bears a horseshoe and a four-leaf clover on one side, a pyramid and floating eye on the other.

"They sell pretty well," says David Goel of Tropicana Liquor in Sherman Oaks. But not everyone is as choosy about how they scrape the coating off what may be a winning number. "Most people still use a regular coin," Goel says.

Goel says he sold a lottery ticket worth $25,000. The winner, he points out, did not use the Lucky Lottery Coin to scratch it off.

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