San Diego

San Diego Unified School District teachers overwhelmingly ratified a new two-year contract with the district Friday, voting 2,881 to 73 in favor of the pact.

The contract, tentatively settled Feb. 20 after 11 months of often bitter negotiations, gives the teachers an 8% pay raise for the current school year and an 8.5% increase for the 1986-87 year.

"I'm just glad this part of it's over," said John Felicitas, executive director of the San Diego Teachers Assn. "I think the vote count showed that the folks out there at the school site thought what we did was great and they approved it."

The union, which represents 6,084 teachers, has 3,852 dues-paying members.

The city's five-member Board of Education is scheduled to vote on the contract at its meeting Tuesday.

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