Where Standards of Excellence Are Negotiable

Originally, Walt Hazzard said UCLA would need a record at least as good as last year (a mere 16-12) to justify going to the NIT again. Then he conveniently lowered his standard to a mediocre 15-13. Next, he wisely reconsidered, saying UCLA would need a strong finish. Finally, though, he decided UCLA was deserving anyway. Does this man have any credibility left?

UCLA's "strong finish" over the last two weeks included two losses of 15 points each to the 9th- and 10th-place teams, resulting in a record of 9-9 in a very weak conference. The Bruins' road record was 2-10, with both wins against teams with losing records. The home victories include St. Mary's, Cal State Long Beach and Miami of Florida (with a first-year program).

Sure UCLA is deserving--of pity for not admitting that this was an unsuccessful season. If they think otherwise, how the mighty have fallen!


North Hollywood

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