Richard Dreyfuss is no longer down and out in Hollywood.

Although Warner Bros. is mum, the kinetic actor apparently has the inside track as Barbra Streisand's co-star in "Nuts," the courtroom drama about a woman trying to prove she was sane when she committed a murder. Insiders say the script is being re-tailored with Dreyfuss in mind for the part of the defense lawyer--and aimed at balancing the roles so "Nuts" isn't a "Streisand picture."

Bernie Brillstein, Dreyfuss's personal manager, told Outtakes, "If the picture does go ahead, I believe he'll do it." Script changes, he added, "are being made not for Richard, but for the benefit of the movie."

Brillstein also said there have been no conversations with Streisand re "The Normal Heart" (she owns the rights) but said Dreyfuss has been offered Tri-Star's "Happy Hour," with Henry Winkler directing.

Before the successful "Down and Out in Beverly Hills," Dreyfuss had made three pictures that performed poorly box-office-wise. Now, said Brillstein, "the scripts are coming in every day. Nothing changes this town more than a hit movie."

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