Save Cultural Zone

I am a native La Jollan and have lived here, or at least continued to own a home here even when not in residence, since 1931.

During the last few years, so much building has been done in La Jolla that the town has lost a great deal of its unique character, the very trait that in the past has made it a drawing card for the whole San Diego area. One section that still remains almost as it has been for the last 40 years is the area of Prospect, Silverado and Eads, now under consideration as a "cultural zone." This non-commercial area still invites community use and enjoyment, with the public playground and Community House, the Women's Club, the two churches--Episcopalian and Presbyterian--the Bishop's School and the La Jolla Museum of Contemporary art, and should so remain.

These organizations have always been tax exempt for religious, nonprofit charitable or other reasons. Now, inflation and land speculation might make it possible to sell some of these properties for a large price. I am sure it is understandable the outrage that is present in our community at the thought of losing such vital public resources.

My great-aunt, Ellen Browning Scripps, and her half sister, Eliza Virginia Scripps, generously gave many of the above-mentioned sites and/or buildings to the community. Ellen Scripps in particular chose wisely and with far-seeing vision when she built her home, the core of the present museum building, on its spectacular site. Her will provided that her home should be used for the community. Originally left to the Scripps Clinic and Hospital (both located on Prospect Street), it was purchased in 1941 by a public subscription effort for a permanent community art center, which seemed to ensure the perpetuation of her vision and to retain something very special in La Jolla's core.

I urge the City Council to cherish Miss Scripps' vision and to vote to preserve this priceless area for future generations by establishing a cultural zone.


La Jolla

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