Tours of Cave Art Offered

United Press International

Painting on walls, while mainly a child's pastime today, was high art in prehistory. Depictions of mammoths, bison and even hand prints dot the walls of French and Spanish caves, drawn by prehistoric artists.

Travelers can see such art on two small-group expeditions offered by Past Times Archeological Tours.

A 15-day tour of French prehistoric art offers informal daily lectures and views of cave painting, including spotted horses at Pech Merle, red hand prints at Cougnac and Pleistocene mammoths at Rouffignac.

A 12-day expedition to Spain features cave depictions of bisons and a mammoth with a heart, as well as archeological digs.

For details, contact Past Times Archeological Tours, 800 Larch Lane, Sacramento 95864-5042.

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