6 Programs for Poor Being Reorganized Into Family Services

Associated Press

The Health and Human Services Department said Monday it is reorganizing its six major programs for poor families into a new Family Services Administration.

HHS said the six programs, with combined budgets of more than $12 billion, will become a fifth operating division within the department, joining the Public Health Service, the Social Security Administration, the Health Care Financing Administration and the Office of Human Development Services.

Thomas R. Burke, HHS chief of staff, said the reorganization was initiated by HHS Secretary Otis R. Bowen and will take effect April 1.

Those affected are: Aid to Families With Dependent Children, Low-Income Energy Assistance, Child Support Enforcement, Refugee and Entrant Assistance, the Community Services Block Grant Program and the Work Incentive Program.

He said beneficiaries will notice little change because no budget or policy changes are intended.

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