BASKETBALL There will be women's competition only. The U.S. and USSR men are competing in the world championships in Spain, July 6-20. Six women from the U.S. Olympic team who have retained their amateur status, including USC's Cheryl Miller, have been invited to participate in Moscow. The remainder of the U.S. team will be chosen in trials at Colorado Springs, April 17-20.

BOXING The 12 boxers who will represent the United States in the world championships in Reno, May 8-18, also will have the opportunity to compete in Moscow. Those who decline will be replaced by the runners-up in the national championships in Beaumont, Texas, March 31-April 5. Besides the Americans and Soviets, two boxers from the West, two from the Eastern Bloc, including Cuba, and two others chosen after the world championships will compete in each weight class.

CYCLING Only track events are included. The United States will select its team after a May training camp in Colorado Springs. U.S. Cycling Federation officials expect the team will be similar to the one that will compete in the world championships in Colorado Springs, Aug. 28-Sept. 1. Most of the world's best teams have accepted invitations to Moscow.

DIVING Diving competition originally was scheduled for the final week. But it was moved to July 10-13 so as not to conflict with the U.S. Olympic Sports Festival, which begins July 25 in Houston. Divers will use the Sports Festival to select a team for the world championships in Madrid, Aug. 15-24. The six countries considered to be the best in diving will be at the Goodwill Games.

FIGURE SKATING There will be no judging as the best skaters from the world championships, March 17-23, in Geneva have been invited to participate in an exhibition. The U.S. will be represented by the top two in each category from the recent national championships.

GYMNASTICS The first four finishers from the U.S. rhythmic championships in Los Angeles, April 18-20, and the first eight men and women from the U.S. artistic championships in Indianapolis, June 19-22, will compete against a field that is expected to include most of the medalists from this year's world championships in Montreal.

JUDO The eight champions from the U.S. senior nationals in Honolulu, May 2-4, will go to Moscow. Besides the U.S. and the USSR, the other six nations involved in the tournament are undetermined.

MODERN PENTATHLON Four men and four women will be selected after a series of five competitions, including the national championships in San Antonio, May 24-28. The participants are using this competition as a tune-up for the world championships in Rome, Aug. 5-10. There are 13 other men's teams and 8 other women's teams

entered in


ROWING This will be a dual meet between the elite teams from the United States and the Soviet Union. The teams probably will meet again in the world championships in Nottingham, England, Aug. 17-24.

SWIMMING This also is a dual meet. But because the world championships are in Madrid, Aug. 15-24, the U.S. probably will not be sending most of its best swimmers to Moscow. As the plan now stands, the first two finishers from the June 22-27 trials in Orlando will advance to Madrid, while the third and fourth-place finishers will go to Moscow unless they are members of a world-championship team relay. The Soviets, however, are using the Goodwill Games as trials for their world championship team and will have their best swimmers in Moscow.

TEAM HANDBALL The United States is sending its "A" teams for the men's and women's competition. There will be eight men's teams and six women's teams.

TENNIS Details for selecting a U.S. team have not been determined. Only amateurs will be involved.

TRACK AND FIELD The U.S. team will be comprised of the first two finishers in each event from the national championships in Eugene, Ore., June 20-22. Because the track and field competition at the Goodwill Games has been added to the Mobil Grand Prix schedule, it could attract many of the world's best performers. As an added incentive for U.S. track and field athletes, they each will receive $2,000 from their national governing body, The Athletics Congress, for going to Moscow.

VOLLEYBALL A men's and women's tournament scheduled for the Soviet Union each summer will become part of the Goodwill Games this year. The United States will send both national teams. All of the teams that are expected to be competitive in the world championships this year--Sept. 1-15 in Prague for the women and Sept. 24-Oct. 5 for the men in Paris--are included in the Moscow tournament.

WATER POLO One of the world's most prestigious annual tournaments, the Tungsram Cup, has been moved from Budapest to Moscow this summer the be included in the Goodwill Games. For the most part, the U.S. team will be the same one that will compete in the world championships in Madrid, Aug. 15-29.

WEIGHTLIFTING Eight nations, including the world champion Soviet Union and runnerup Bulgaria, will send two lifters in each of the three heavyweight categories. The United States will send its leading heavyweights from the national championships in Jacksonville, Fla., May 3-4.

WRESTLING In a tournament that includes the Soviet Union, Bulgaria and the United States, this could be a preview of the world championships in Budapest, Oct. 19-26. The United States will be represented by the winners from the national championships in Las Vegas, April 17-20.

YACHTING Sailors from nine nations will compete in Tallinn, an Estonian seaport that was the site of the 1980

Olympic yachting competition. The United States will send virtually the same contingent that competed in the 1984 Olympics.

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