Lower Fares to Europe

Pan Am is offering coupons worth $200 off tickets to Europe and Tel Aviv that are bought before midnight April 15. Flights to the Soviet Union are excluded from this program.

These tickets have to be bought through travel agents, who also have coupons available. Coupons have also been printed in various newspapers. You get one coupon per ticket from travel agents. The coupons can be used for either round-trip or one-way flights as long as the flights originate in the United States.

Your travel to Europe must start on or before Sept. 15. Therefore, as long as you fly to Europe before the end of that date, you can fly back to the United States anytime thereafter.

The offer is good for any fare, including APEX, and for any class of service--coach, business and first-class--aboard Pan Am flights Sunday through Wednesday. However, you can't combine this coupon with any other discount. After deduction of the $200 coupon, the cost of your ticket has to amount to at least $398. Otherwise, you would have to pay the regular fare.

The standard cancellation penalties, assorted restrictions and conditions and refund policies that pertain to the various fares stay in effect with use of the $200 coupon. In other words, if you cancel after a certain point with an APEX fare, you're subject to the same penalty regardless of whether you're using a coupon or not.

Pan Am offers non-stop flights from Los Angeles and San Francisco to Frankfurt and London. Starting April 28 it will also offer non-stop service from both West Coast cities to Paris. If you're going through New York City, Pan Am also serves other European cities.

It should be noted that this program, as the fine print in the ads indicates, is subject to the approval of foreign governments. Furthermore, it's likely that other airlines serving Europe from the West Coast may match this offer in one way or another.

For example, Lufthansa has matched Pan Am's coupon discount on its flight to Frankurt/Europe and Tel Aviv. British Airways has also matched Pan Am's offer to the United Kingdom, Europe and Tel Aviv (with the discount also extending to the carrier's land arrangements). Both carriers are accepting Pan Am coupons on their own flights.

According to Pan Am, France has disapproved its coupon discount. Therefore they won't apply on the carrier's forthcoming service to Paris.

Contact your travel agent, or Pan Am at (800) 221-1111.

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