Hostage Standoff Goes Into 2nd Day

Associated Press

A gunman who killed his landlord and a police officer before taking an elderly woman hostage held policemen at bay for a second day Friday, telling negotiators that he had drawn up a will.

"We are in constant communication. We have a good rapport," said John Townsend, deputy chief of the Chicago Police Department patrol division. He said the gunman was "talking strong" despite going without sleep.

Within an hour of the first shooting Thursday afternoon, Police Supt. Fred Rice issued a televised appeal for the gunman, identified as John L. Pasch Jr., to surrender peacefully. He said police were prepared to wait for Pasch's peaceful surrender.

As the standoff passed the 24-hour mark, Rice issued another appeal for the unemployed machinist to surrender and release his hostage, Jean Wiwatowski, 74.

Rice said the first shooting apparently had been prompted by a landlord-tenant dispute.

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