Dishes in the Sink

This is the first Sunday I have left breakfast dishes in the sink. Your Traveling in Style magazine has relived my memories and expanded my education. This new issue is more comfortable to read. I am thrilled that I can pick up the issue or put it aside at a convenient place (a whole newspaper section, no).

I never knew the scary things a pilot had to be concerned with about our safety. I agree we do applaud the landings, but of the other very important uncertainties I was ignorant.

Paul Conrad’s other side, so spiritual, and beautiful art. I always thought I’d love to go to Tibet; if Melvin Belli made it, I just think I’ll dream of other places. Last but not least, I hoped for a trip on a freighter with my husband, an ex-merchant marine lieutenant, now in his 70th year. It never came to be.

Sincerely hope you keep up this format of the Travel Section. I love it.



La Mirada