Glendale OKs 3-Year Police Contract

After nine months of negotiation, Glendale city officials approved a three-year contract with city police that provides 5% annual wage increases and other benefits.

The contract with the 159-member Glendale Police Officers' Assn., ratified Tuesday by the city council, will take effect next Tuesday.

John F. Hoffman, city personnel director, said the negotiating team spent more than 150 hours resolving complex issues of the contract. He said much of the discussion involved the definition of working hours. Under the new contract, for example, officers will be paid during meal breaks, Hoffman said.

The contract also provides incentives to reduce the amount of sick leave, a policy initiated in other city departments last year. Officers will be paid for up to six unused sick days a year. In other departments, the incentive has significantly reduced absenteeism because of illness, Hoffman said.

The new contract is expected to cost $608,654 the first year, $541,977 in 1987 and $570,102 in 1988. The current police budget is $14.2 million.

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