San Diego

A man who walked away from a Virginia prison farm 20 years ago waived his right to an extradition hearing Wednesday and was sent back to County Jail, where he will wait for Virginia authorities to pick him up.

After refusing Tuesday to waive his right to the hearing, which could have prolonged his extradition at least several weeks, William Lee Caniford, 67, signed the waiver before Municipal Court Judge Richard Murphy.

The judge then granted Caniford’s request that jail doctors confer with Caniford’s personal doctor at UC San Diego Medical Center about caring for his diabetes and a broken and ulcerated toe that hasn’t been treated since his arrest Monday.

Public defender Sharon Hummel said Caniford has suffered several diabetic reactions while in custody because jail doctors cut his daily insulin intake by half.


Caniford was arrested while picking up a Social Security check from a downtown San Diego office. He told police he had lived in San Diego for 10 years under his real name.

Caniford fled from Baskerville State Prison Farm on June 9, 1966, after serving 40 days of a 4 1/2-year sentence for felonious credit card use.