‘Sharing Road With Truckers’

Kendall’s report was excellent. Anyone who has driven to any extent on our freeways has observed or experienced life-threatening situations involving these huge rigs.

I have seen so many incidents of speeding, tailgating, lane-changing, etc., that I feel drastic action is needed to bring the situation under control. This means controlling the reckless, scofflaw, bully-boy element.

First, let’s allow statewide use of radar by the CHP. Secondly, equip the CHP with unmarked vehicles specifically used to ride herd on truckers.

Both of these suggestions will bring cries of outrage from the trucking industry, but the law-abiding trucker has no reason to fear such enforcement efforts. The image the truck driver used to have as a “knight of the road” and a friend of motorists in trouble may be regained.



Mission Viejo