Supporters of New Stadium Stay Optimistic

Times Staff Writer

It could have been interpreted merely as the latest move in a political game of thrust and parry.

Or it could have signaled the end of interest in building a baseball stadium in Camarillo.

Stadium advocates have chosen to believe the former. En garde .

They claim their spirits were only temporarily dampened by the Pleasant Valley Recreation and Park District’s decision Wednesday night to deny consideration of plans for a rudimentary field at Freedom Park.


“We’ll be back and be better prepared,” said Jim Jevens, president of the Camarillo Stadium Assn. “I got signals from the board that they would be willing to do something. The board wants to see the cash from us for lights and bleachers before they commit public funds for a field.”

Jevens said a meeting of the stadium group will be held next week and that another proposal could be made at next month’s board meeting.

Jim Biby, part-owner and general manager of the first-year Ventura County Gulls, said the board’s ruling did not close the door on the team moving to Freedom Park.

“Until someone tells me, ‘You’re not welcome here,’ I will remain optimistic that we can work something out,” Biby said. “Opening day is generating excitement in the community and with that enthusiasm we gain momentum.”